UMMI - The Caretaker & The Teacher

Ummi is the caretaker of inherited "transit centre for chilren" called "Pondok UMMI". She is an orphan, very kind, polite, intelligent, beautiful, wis and has charming voice. The children love her very much.

Alif - The Wise One and yet the heavy appetite one too!

Alif is a natural born "leader", he is jovial, good at human relationship and loves singing. His favourite word "Allahu Akbar!" and his weakness is food and more food.

Aiman - The 'Professor' & creator of various super gadgets

Aiman is also known as "Professor Gajet". He is good in science and Mathematics and also computers and electronic gadgets. His favourite word is "Bagus punya bagus!".

Hana - The 'Book Worm' and a walking library

Hana is a book worm, she is cleverbut at the same time very fussy. She hates insects and slimy animals. She loves asking questions.

Putri - The Pretty, Cute & Naive One!

Putri is cute and adorable, loves flowers, butterflies, singing and enjoymost of her time with Jojo - The cat.

Atan - The brave heart, a superb athlete & calls himself The 'Recycle' Super Hero

Atan is Putri's best buddy. He is a bit naughty but actually kind at heart. He is an adorn supporter of recycle and save the earth.

Ustaz Syakir

Ummi's brother who teaches common Arabic phrases... and they all love to sing!!

Uncle Maideen

The caring 'ROTI' man (bread man)


Putri's favourite cat

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