'Ummi ....Ceritalah Pada Kami' (UCPK)

Is a 3D animated series for children, has piqued the curiousity and interest of television stations and video syndication companies in the region, parts of MINA and Europe.
In the 13 episodes, infused with music to reinforce the importance of moral values and kindness, a charming and warm-hearted woman called Ummi tells stories taken mainly from the Sirah (The Quran) to educate her children -- Putri, Alif, Hana, Aiman & Atan.
"UCPK's mission is to strengthen family ties. Those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s will remember how cozy it was, watching 'The Brady Bunch' or 'Eight is Enough' with our families. We hope UCPK will encourage the same feeling of togetherness, " says Johan Nawawi, music composer and CEO of HudHud Media Sdn Bhd., the creator of UCPK.

Animator and CGI guru, Jeffri Sani and his team, is responsible for the smooth high quality 3D animation technology and characterisation. The refreshing storyline and voice direction is by Nora, one of Malaysia's well-known singers and also creator of Ummi, and a Malaysian script writer, Khayriyyah Hanafiah and Zaid Mohamed.

The songs, all originally composed, produced and scored by Johan are performed by Nora along with members of the group 'Voices of Ummi' or VOU who recently bagged the prestigious AIM18 awards for the song Pedoman last month. "Our intention, as parents ourselves, is to leave a legacy of strong moral values based on the teachings of Islam for our children and the generation after them, "says Nora, founder, editor and executive director of HudHud Media Sdn Bhd. Find out more about us at our Facebook page.



Ummi ....CeritalahPadaKami'

UMMI is a 13 episode animated series the infuses entertainment and educational values targeted for children and family viewing. Each series features fun, sing along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries message of daily prayers, good deeds and the ibadah. Many interesting, entertaining and exciting event occur amongst the children at ' Pondok UMMI' (UMMI's Children Transit Centre). Ummi's role is to advice the children and act as the children's icon conveying and educating good values and the meaning of life, and the story continues…..


The Story

"UMMI.. Ceritalah Pada Kami" tells the story of a lady named UMMI, who teaches good values to the children in a transit home called 'Pondok UMMI'.
UMMI will tell stories based on "Sirah from The Quran or Hadith or from various stories with high morale values".


The Philosophy

The STORY - Good Moral Values . Appealing & Entertaining . Wholesome Family Type
The ANIMATION - Cute & Attractive Characters . Entertaining Action . In High 3D Quality and Technology
The MUSIC - In Trend, Hip, Pop & Catchy . Easy listening . Professional Music Scoring . Professionally Choreographed Music Videos


The TV series Format

Duration - 22 minutes, 13 episodes, HD 3D
Type - A Musical 3D Animated series TV show for children & family
Concept - To learn, explore, discover, sing & laugh
Methodology - "Fun learning... The Way of Life"
Each series features fun, sing along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries messages of 'prayers, doa, good deeds and ibadah'.